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News list 15 January 2019

Bioavlee at the ArabLab in Dubai

The ArabLab is the only trade fair dedicated to the latest discoveries in the world of science and technology that brings together prospects from emerging markets such as the Middle East and Africa, as well as the Indian subcontinent, China and Asia.

Figures behind the event are impressive: over 100 countries, 10,000 buyers and investors and 1000 companies that will promote their innovative solutions – among them Bioavlee. We will have a unique opportunity to present both Avlee 650 system and Quantica 500 automatic colony counter.

We believe that the unique nature of our patented laser diffraction technology, coupled with the use of cloud computing and self-learning algorithms in Avlee 650 system, which enable an accurate and automatic identification of microorganisms, will impress international experts. The efficiency of our microorganism identification process is unique, as it stands close to 98% or, in other words, the efficiency similar to that of genetic analysis. The difference is that our product combines the highest efficiency with significantly lower costs and shorter testing times. Actually, Avlee 650 reduces multi-stage, manual processes during identification to the minimum and it offers parameters that are unattainable in the case of other methods employed by the cosmetics industry. Indeed, this is the only such solution on the market.

You can find us at stand 573, hall S1.

For more information about the ArabLab, please visit the trade fair website at: