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News list 1 February 2019

New millions in Bioavlee’s account

Recent months were extremely successful and we had countless reasons to be proud of our work. Not only did we win one of the main prizes in the largest acceleration programme in Poland – MIT Enterprise Forum Poland and make the first sale of Quantica 500 colony counter, but we also signed an investment agreement with ‘DFR Inwestycyjny’, a daughter company of the Lower Silesia Development Fund, based on which our company will receive the funding of 2 million PLN. Now, the list of our successes is even longer: we have signed an agreement with the Lower Silesian Intermediate Body (DIP) granting to us more than 2,300,000 PLN. The support for our further development comes from the Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

  • To us, the fact that Bioavlee has successfully made it through a demanding verification process and was approved by the Lower Silesian Intermediate Body is yet another proof that our team’s R&D efforts are progressing in the right direction. With the funds obtained, we will be able to complete our work on the technology that is going to redefine the standards in biotechnology by automation of the current manual and time-consuming laboratory processes, says Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO.