A colony counter for automatic counting of microorganism colonies in microbiological quantitative analyses.

Product description

An automatic colony counter created for a wide group of clients, having the maximum usability in mind. Quantitative analyses are carried out as part of almost every microbiological testing process. What is more, they often involve significant personnel and time resources.

Quantica 500™ offers a high counting efficiency thanks to its best-in-class camera resolution and carefully selected algorithms. The counting process takes less than half a second. The Quantica 500™ counter software is easy to use and functional.

Among others, it allows for excluding fragments of any shape from the plate count, separating colonies from impurities on the plate, as well as manually adding and removing the colonies. It saves data automatically, thus successfully preventing their accidental loss. Furthermore, the user can efficiently generate clear reports from the system.

The device makes it possible to count colonies on various plating types, and thanks to an efficient algorithm and the best-in-class camera resolution, it correctly sums up even the merged colonies. This feature puts the Bioavlee device in front of the existing standard devices that have difficulties separating this type of colonies. Finally, Quantica 500™ is an affordable option compared to competitive colony counters.

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Quantica 500™ automatically counts colonies of microorganisms in quantitative analyses during microbiological tests, and owing to an efficient algorithm, it correctly sums up even the merged colonies.

Benefits of using Quantica 500™:  

  • High efficiency of colony counting thanks to optimised algorithms;
  • Time savings – much less time spent on colony counting;
  • Space – thanks to its compact design, the counter takes up little space in the laboratory;
  • Database – the ability to generate reports and easily collect documentation in an electronic version.

The advantages of Bioavlee technology

Effective algorithms

High quality of the optical components

A user-friendly interface and a menu in English

Intuitive and functional software

Easy generation of clear reports

High quality and a competitive price


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