About project



Project title:

Preparation of commercialization of innovative technology – bacterial identification by means of laser diffraction on the German market.

Project value

PLN 136 675

The name of the program

GO-GLOBAL – Increasing the scale of commercialization of the results of scientific research or development works of Polish companies on global markets.

NCBiR (National Centre for Research and Development) contribution

PLN 116 173.75

The subject of the project

The project includes the development and verification of the strategy to enter the German market in cooperation with Fraunhofer MOEZ. The applicant plans to acquire a distributor, technology partners to conduct laboratory tests and potential investors. Some of the other aims of the Applicant also include obtaining key knowledge regarding standardization and certification of medical devices on the EU market and obtaining positive opinions about the product

Project goals

The main goal of the project is to commercialize the innovative bacteria identification technology developed by Bioavlee through the use of the laser diffraction phenomenon on the German market.

Planned outcomes

The device being prepared for commercialization is the first, maintenance-free diagnostic “robot” on the market, which combines the traditional cultivation of bacteria with the amazing speed of laser diffraction and artificial intelligence. The project is a breakthrough for the market and is an innovation on a global scale.