We are a biotechnology company with strong competences in R&D. We create solutions that determine the new quality of laboratory equipment.

We are a biotechnology company that creates their own devices for the laboratory market. Thanks to proprietary patents and constructions, we are able to redefine the way of identifying microorganisms. The portfolio of our developing projects also includes a number of other modern laboratory devices. By setting new standards on the market, we make laboratory work more accurate, faster, cheaper and simpler.

Bioavlee’s unique research and development capabilities are not shaped just by a team of scientists and managers – our strengths also lie in the knowledge, passion and potential, provided by specialists from a number of fields, including optics, mechanics, electronics, microbiology and programming. All of our solutions are created entirely in Poland. As a team, we work to make our devices a global, technological standard.

Experience, knowledge and effectiveness – such are the hallmarks of the scientists and specialists in various fields as well as the managers working at Bioavlee. Together, we can reach beyond the limitations of existing technologies.


Bioavlee’s team of scientists and managers is actively supported by a group of outstanding, internationally appreciated experts. Their presence gives us the confidence that our direction in following new solutions in biotechnology is the right one.

prof. dr hab. Jacek Bania chairman of the Scientific Council

prof. dr hab. Jacek Bania chairman of the Scientific Council

He received his postdoctoral degree in 2008 at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Since 2006, he has been the head of the Department of Animal Hygiene and Animal Welfare, and since 2009 he has been the head of the Chair.

DMSc Kamila Korzekwa microbiology expert

DMSc Kamila Korzekwa microbiology expert

She received the title of doctor of medical science at the Faculty of Medicine of the Wrocław Medical University. Currently, she is an adjunct professor at the Department of Microbiology at the Institute of Genetics and Microbiology of the University of Wrocław. Vice-president of the Wrocław Branch of the Polish Society of Microbiologists.

Dr. Eng. Igor Buzalewicz the creator of the method

Dr. Eng. Igor Buzalewicz the creator of the method

The creator of a method for identifying bacterial colonies based on the laser diffraction phenomenon. He defended his doctoral dissertation with honors at the IBB PAS in Warsaw. Winner of the Siemens Group Research Award and the Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Young Scientists.


We think boldly and invest in the future by working on new solutions in the field of new technologies. Our activity in this area is the reason we have been noticed and appreciated in ever wider circles.
And this is just the beginning.

Master of Innovation

The Bioavlee project took the second place in the nationwide Master of Innovation start-up competition at the CEE Bio Forum. The jury and experts emphasized the vision and value of the scientific work done by our company.

Polish Intelligent Development Award 2017

The best companies from all over Poland were gunning for this prize. We won in the “Innovative Company” category for the project “Development of the technology for identification and marking of susceptibility of bacteria based on the phenomenon of laser diffraction and analysis of morphological features of bacterial colonies”.

The partners

Since we are focused on combining science with business, we select a certain type of partners. It is in cooperation with those, that we work on breakthrough solutions and develop the capabilities of our R&D.

Our partners are responsible for supporting our research and development work.

The scope of support:

  • providing differentiated microbiological swabs,
  • performing biochemical identification of bacterial strains,
  • determining their susceptibility,
  • improving the technical parameters of the device.

Research laboratory, providing laboratory services and technical services in the food, agricultural, environmental protection, geology, cosmetics and household chemistry sectors.

A cosmetics company, existing on the market since 1989.
The main supplier in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of private oral hygiene brands.

Cosmetics company with a long tradition, with modern laboratory facilities and a machinery park.

A research and development company operating in the field of high technology and innovative consulting.

A diagnostic laboratory, created for veterinarians. Thanks to cooperation with the German headquarters, it offers a wide range of tests.

A modern veterinary laboratory, supporting veterinarians and lending them a helping hand by means of sharing experience gathered within its walls. The company’s motto is “Simpler laboratory diagnostics”.