System for the identification of microorganisms based on the innovative, patented method of laser diffraction

Product description

A breakthrough device, a system for detection and identification of colonies of microorganisms – the target market for its first version includes cosmetic laboratories, however in the future it is also expected to be used in laboratories related to the food industry.

Our product is not only a device that performs detection. It is an entire system consisting of classification algorithms, a reference photo database, image processing control system or atlases in the cloud, supplemented by an extensive IT infrastructure for analytics.

Operates on the basis of a patented method of diffraction pattern analysis. About the technology »


Exemplary diffraction spectra

Candida albicans

Enterococcus faecalis

Escherichia coli

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Serratia marcescens

Staphylococcus aureus

The process of identification of the colonies of microorganisms

1. Incubation of the sample (until a colony is formed) and taking a photograph of the spectrum.

2. Sending data to the server (registration of diffractograms of unknown colonies).

3. Comparison of data with the spectra on the server (analysis and classification of unknown colonies).

4. Identification (diagnosis of the colonies).

Avlee 650 has over 98% accurcy, as confirmed by the Campden
BRI laboratory according to ISO1614-6 on bacterial strains of
E. coli, S. aureus, P.aeruginosa and C. albicans isolated from
samples collected from cosmetics and food samples


The advantages of Avlee 650 technology:

Quickly adaptable to the specific requirements

Automation of the identification process of microorganisms

High accuracy of the analysis – above 98%

High quality and a competitive price

Minimization of the multistage,
manual processes during identification

Insensitivity to potential sample contamination


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