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News list 22 May 2019

Labvolution in Hannover

In May Bioavlee team had the pleasure of taking part in European trade fair for innovative lab equipment and lab workflow optimization Labvolution in Hannover. The event presented an incomparably broad spectrum of products and services. Aleksandra Wira, our project manager gave a lecture on a novel technology for microbial identification in microbiology and answered the question if it could be made fast, simple and affordable.

Why do do we belive it’s important? Because despite recent technological advances, the manual processes still prevail in identification of microorganism in microbiology laboratories. As such, they have intrinsic flaws like being tedious, time consuming, prone to human errors and relatively expensive. There are a few technologies available that make microbial identification less human-dependent, but, again, these usually are time consuming as well and rather expensive.

Our team has patented a new technology employing laser diffraction and brought it to market. Bioavlee technology offers high accuracy of microbial identification while at the same time is much faster and cheaper compared to current methods.