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News list 13 June 2019


In June, the Bioavlee team took part in the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, where we had an opportunity to share ideas, experiences, insights and best practices in the field of biotech innovation that could help address the most serious global challenges.

During the BIO International Convention, our team presented a new, patented technology based on the phenomenon of laser light diffraction. Bioavlee’s technology ensures a very high accuracy of microbial identification, while reducing the time and costs of the process compared to the currently employed methods.

Owing to the use of the BIO One-on-One Partnering platform, we had a chance to connect with global leaders in the world of biotechnology and pharmacy.

The event accommodated more than 500 educational sessions for over 16,000 participants from 67 countries.

Attending the events such as the BIO International Convention fits squarely within our business strategy. Thanks to them, we can network with other biotechnological start-ups and meet people who face challenges similar to the ones we struggle with on a daily basis. Indeed, lessons learned from such experience-sharing are invaluable.