As a technology company, we are working on a number of solutions that improve the conditions of laboratory. The size of the global market for our devices is growing year by year.

The challenge

Currently, microbiological industrial laboratories often work on the basis of time-consuming, manual analysis based on classical microbiology. The preparation of samples for testing and the inoculation of material on the Petri dishes is often done by hand, which extends the time and does not guarantee the repeatability of the process. Similarly, the quantitative analysis of a microbiological test in many laboratories still means performing a manual count of up to several hundred colonies on each test plate.

Identification of microorganisms – a critical process ensuring the microbiological purity of products, especially in the cosmetics industry, is performed by means of time-consuming microbiological methods.

The aim of Bioavlee is to provide products of the highest efficiency which are simultaneously capable of reducing costs and shortening the time needed for testing.

Product portfolio

We are a biotechnology company highly competent in terms of R & D operations. We create solutions that determine the new quality of laboratory equipment.

Avlee 650
a unique device for identifying colonies of microorganisms


Stage 1: cosmetic industry laboratories in Poland and around the world
Stage 2: food and livestock industry laboratories


Internal tests of the pre-production prototype

Quantica 500
automatic colony counter


Industrial laboratories in Poland and around the world


Internal / external tests of the production prototype

InoMate 100k
device for automatic inoculation directly from a swab


Industrial and diagnostic laboratories in Poland and around the world


Optimization of the test prototype

Avlee 650

Device for the identification of microorganisms by means of an innovative method – the laser diffraction phenomenon. The device is a global breakthrough in the way of identifying microorganisms found in the cosmetic and food industries. Avlee 650, subsequent to taking pictures of diffraction spectra of individual microorganisms growing on a Petri dish, connects to the identification server on which the atlas of the standard spectra is gathered, on the basis of which the relevant algorithms identify the investigated microorganisms. Bioavlee has a Polish patent and pending international patent applications securing our know-how.

The market:
The size of the world cosmetics market in USD million

Source: Research and Markets, “World Cosmetics Market – Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2022

Quantica 500

The device enables automatic counting of colonies in quantitative analysis carried out in almost every microbiological examination (industrial, veterinary, clinical). It is an alternative to the laborious, manual counting of colonies on a dish. Quantica 500 allows you to shorten the colony counting time from a few, and up to around a dozen, minutes to just a few seconds.

The market:
The chart of the size of the global market for the sale of bacterial colony counters in USD million

Source: ResearchNReports “Automatic Colony Counter Market –Global Insights, Growth, Size, Comparative Analysis, Trends and Forecast”

Inomate 100k

A device for automatic inoculation of microbiological material on a Petri dish. It is an auxiliary device in the laboratory technicians’ work that ensures the speed and repeatability of the process of preparation of the test sample on the selected culture medium. Inomate 100k, by eliminating the human factor, ensures repeatability of the colony separation process and eliminates the need to repeat the inoculation process.

The market:
Potential of the global market (number of potential recipients)

Source: ResearchNReports “Automatic Colony Counter Market –Global Insights, Growth, Size, Comparative Analysis, Trends and Forecast”,Research and Markets, “World Cosmetics Market—Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2022,”

Current and planned activities

Bioavlee is in possession of prototypes of all the devices. We are currently conducting advanced optimization and testing works. In the coming weeks, we will begin the process of testing with our reference clients.

In order to ensure the required external validation of AVLEE 650 for its compliance with the European standards 16140, we have established cooperation with a renowned validation unit – MicroVal in the Netherlands.

Business model

The business model for the colony counter and the inoculation device is based on the sale of products in cooperation with renowned branch distributors in Poland and around the world.

The distribution plan for Avlee 650 assumes the sale of devices with a relatively small margin, and simultaneously for the testing carried out by means of the device. Such a model will also enable reaching smaller entities for whom the purchase of expensive equipment is a big barrier in development.


Bioavlee’s goal is to develop equipment sales in Poland and around the world (Europe, Brazil, South Korea, USA) and to become the leader in the field of automated laboratory devices on the cosmetics market in the first stage of launching Avlee 650.


Ultimately, the recipients of all company solutions will be:

Producers of cosmetics and household chemicals

Commercial microbiological industrial laboratories

Research units

Science and Technology Parks

It is estimated that 2.2 thousand laboratories are located in Poland, Europe is estimated to house 50 thousand laboratories, North America – 70 thousand , and Asia and South America about 50 thousand.

Selected distributors and reference clients have already decided to sign letters of intent expressing interest in direct cooperation with Bioavlee with regards to the developed solutions.