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News list 17 July 2018

Modern design of innovative technologies

Our multidisciplinary team of experts has managed to overcome the limitations of the existing technologies and develop a breakthrough method for microbiological analysis.

We realise that having a solution that offers unique global advantages is only half the battle. A demanding market means that biotech companies also have to compete in the area of aesthetics and appearance of their devices. That is why, we have decided to partner with Szwarc Design & Innovation, a Wrocław-based company providing comprehensive design services for products and housings to be used with all types of electronic devices in unit, serial and mass production. We have been attracted by their innovative approach to design, proven by their earlier projects for such corporate clients as XTPL, Skriware, Cryo Science or Atomic Ice Cream Labs. It is Szwarc Design & Innovation that stands behind the design of housings for all three devices: Avlee 650, Quantica 500 and InoMate 100k. Its modern approach to industrial design has made it possible to highlight a unique nature of Bioavlee technology and put it on a par with other global players.