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News list 1 July 2019

We hit the headlines again!

In June, Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO met with the editor of In the interview, Michał has emphasized that Bioavlee is developing at a fast pace and that we plan to become a leader of the Polish biotechnology industry. Our patented innovative method of laser diffraction makes it possible to identify microorganisms by obtaining their “fingerprint”. More precisely, it is a pattern generated on microbial colonies by light diffraction with the use of self-learning algorithms and cloud computing.

After we won the prestigious MITEF Poland competition, we began to commercialise our activity by signing letters of intent with diagnostic and research laboratories operating in Poland, Europe, Brazil, South Korea and the US.

At the moment, we are already selling Quantica 500 – a colony counter that allows for automatic counting of microbial colonies in quantitative microbiological analyses. We are also working on validation of Avlee 650 and construction of Inomate 100K.

– From the consumer point of view, our equipment is a guarantee that what they eat or use in the form of cosmetics and medicines is safe for their health. On the other hand, corporate customers can use our devices to support testing of their own products. Until now, such analyses have been largely manual, and so it was a long, tedious and hardly accurate process, adds Michał Wronecki, CEO. Please take your time to read the entire interview with Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO at