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News list 28 February 2019

Świat Przemysłu Kosmetycznego

Our three employees: Kamila Korzekwa, Piotr Nowaczyk and Ewa Thomas are the authors of the article that has just been published in the Świat Przemysłu Kosmetycznego magazine. Its topic is really close to our hearts, as the article deals with a new quality in the identification of microorganisms.

The text introduces the reader to the world of cosmetics, and makes them aware that it is the manufacturers that are responsible for the products that they market, both in terms of effectiveness and user safety. As every stage in the cosmetics manufacturing is exposed to the risk of microbiological contamination, the manufacturers have to comply with strict quality recommendations for the production process. Is there any automatic method to ensure low cost and short time of testing without compromising the effectives of the microorganism identification process? Yes! It is the Bioavlee-patented method of laser diffraction.

More details on the subject are disclosed by our employees in the article, so we do recommend that you read the entire text.

Świat Przemysłu Kosmetycznego