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News list 30 July 2016

Puls Biznesu writes about Bioavlee: “The effective patent for bacteria”

Bioavlee, an innovative method of detecting bacteria, has already been patented. It has a vast potential to revolutionize veterinary and food industries.

This solution has been taken out of the “university drawer”, bought back and refined, and is now awaiting a launch. The time has come for the introduction of a new fast and, as claimed by its creators, cheap method for the identification of bacteria. The initiators of the project already functioning under the name Bioavlee included scientists associated with the Wrocław University of Technology. Now the project is being developed by Łukasz Pawełek and Marcin Brusia, a group of investors, including Konrad Pankiewicz, and others. Now, all those involved have come together to present the outcomes of several years of work. Laser versus bacteria The method of identification and analysis of bacterial colonies is already covered by a patent application.

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