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News list 30 August 2018

One step closer to making our cooperation with Argenta official

Here at Bioavlee, in addition to our everyday work on improving devices and solutions for making laboratory work easier, we also pay a lot of attention to developing our network of business partners. We have already earned the support of many companies for our research and development work and we systematically find new partners.

Recently, we have been involved in serious negotiations with Argenta, an authorised distributor of reagents and automatized solutions for microbiological, chemical, and clinical labs.

We met with the management board of Argenta and presented what our technology can do. The next step is to obtain a confirmation that tests of our Quantica 500 colony counter commenced at one of Argenta’s clients. A training for Argenta’s staff is also to take place in the near future.

Among Argenta’s partners there are laboratories testing food, state and private clinical laboratories, laboratories supervising the production of food, including the Veterinary Hygiene Institution, the Sanitary Inspection, and research and scientific entities.