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News list 7 February 2019

Michał Wronecki on Radio Wrocław

Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO has been invited to the “Program bez VAT” on Radio Wrocław to talk about the work of our team and the opportunities offered by our patented method of laser diffraction.

  • We are a biotech company, but we specialise in microbiology, explains Michał Wronecki. We are working on the design of three microbiological devices. Our most important project and the starting point in the history of Bioavlee is the device that uses laser diffraction for bacteria identification purposes.
  • This sounds a bit complicated, comments the anchorperson with a laugh.
  • It is really about…, explains the CEO of Bioavlee.

Please take your time and listen to the entire broadcast to check how Michał Wronecki explains the relationship between physical properties of bacterial colonies and the diffraction of laser light, why the collection of model diffraction spectra is like a database of fingerprints, and how self-learning algorithms are able to effectively identify bacteria.

Radio Wrocław