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News list 13 May 2019

Meet Up TOP500 Innovators – Beyond imagination

…when imagination boost the innovation then everything is getting possible. There are no limits and all elements can be puzzled into future reality. VIII Meet Up TOP500 Innovators & Polish American Innovation Bridge (Pami) is this kind of event where technology come true and we are proud to contribute this year agenda.

Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO took part in moderated discussion on biotech startups’ role in startups’ ecosystem. Important questions were raised during the talk among others why international pharmaceutical concerns do not conduct research in Poland and how is the strategy of developing a biotech startup created and where to look for funding?

Valuable remarks came from our colleagues: Łukasz Bzdzion, Bioceltix CEO, Filip Jelen, PhD, MBA, Pure Biologics S.A. and Captor Therapeutics Ltd CEO and Olga Grudniak, Biolumo CEO.