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News list 25 April 2019

International expansion of Bioavlee

Recent months have been a hectic period for us. We took part in numerous international events dedicated to the biotechnology industry, where we networked with new business partners. Our efforts have brought 4 contracts for the official distribution of automatic colony counter Quantica 500.

  • When we were looking for the right business partners for Bioavlee, we wanted the joint activities to bring synergy. That is why, the distributors of our devices from Spain, Italy, Austria or Switzerland are well-established and renowned businesses in the microbiological industry, with an extensive base of regular customers. In other words, behind these 4 distributors of our colony counter there are more than 2000 potential buyers of Quantica 500, emphasizes Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO.

Among new partner companies that support the sales of Quantica 500, we find a Spanish distributor, Conda Labs, which exports products to 95 countries, and Biolife Italiana with over 45 years of experience in the Italian diagnostic market. What is more, innovations of the company from Wrocław will be promoted by Labconsulting (Austria), offering laboratory products to 600+ suppliers, and Endotell – a Swiss leader providing services to more than 500 customers.

Bioavlee’s solutions have already attracted the attention of non-European enterprises, including from the most distant locations all over the world. As a result, Bioavlee has already signed 8 letters of intent with representatives of distributors from the United Arab Emirates, India, Israel, Philippines, Croatia, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Lithuania and Latvia.

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