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News list 13 March 2019

A modern method for identifying microorganisms

Cosmetics, being products for daily use, intended for contact with the human body, cannot be dangerous. By eliminating a possibility of pathogenic microorganisms entering a cosmetic product, the risk of bacterial or fungal infections caused by such microorganisms is reduced. If we know the potential sources of contamination, they can be prevented both at the stage of manufacturing and when the product is used by consumers.

It is advisable to perform routine microbiological tests for each and every batch of the finished product that is marketed. From the point of view of the cosmetics industry, it is also very important that the results of microbial identification tests are obtained as soon as possible. And with the currently used microbiological techniques, it takes between 2 and 7 days to complete the assay of microorganisms.

The Avlee 650 device redefines the standards of laboratory work as it makes it possible to perform a detailed analysis in a short time and at a lower cost. In addition, it allows for the colony count estimation on the same dish that is used for identification. What the new method for a very fast and accurate identification of microorganisms based on the laser diffraction is actually about? You can find out the details in the article prepared by our experts: dr n. med. Kamila Korzekwa, dr n. biol. Piotr Nowaczyk and Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO.

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