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News list 25 August 2018

2nd stage of MITEF at the headquarters of Adamed Group

The day has come! As part of the second stage of the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland acceleration programme, we have been invited to the headquarters of Adamed Group to be interviewed about the technological advantages of solutions used in Bioavlee devices.

During the first part of the meeting, Michał Wronecki, Bioavlee CEO, and Ewa Thomas, Project Manager, had 10 minutes to present what opportunities laser diffraction, a technology patented by Bioavlee, opens up for the biotechnology sector. They focused on points such as shortening analysis time by at least 24 hours, automation of microbe identification process, and guaranteed high accuracy of tests. This was followed by a round of discussion. There were questions about the skills and knowledge of Bioavlee team and the level of readiness and uniqueness of all three devices – Quantica 500, Avlee 650, and InoMate 100k, as well as about the market potential of our solution. We presented our concept for the business model and distribution of devices in Poland and globally with a view to becoming the leader in the segment of laboratory devices for the cosmetics sector. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss plans for developing Bioavlee and planned and existing sources of funding.

Adamed Group is co-created one of the four trade-specific presentations at this year’s MIT Enterprise Forum Poland.

We await further decisions and subsequent stages of the programme.