There are multiple methods of identifying bacteria. These methods differ from each. Time needed to carry out the study, the cost of reagents, the cost of the systems, the cost of service and accuracy of tests can vary a lot.

Faster information about pathogens enable better decisions. These in turn directly affect the safety, health and even the lives of people and animals. It is time to reduce the gap between what science knows and what modern, safe industry and veterinary diagnostics seek.

BIOAVLEE redefines the way we identify bacteria and allows greater accessibility of diagnostic tests. The main advantages of BIOAVLEE the accuracy of testing, the time of results delivery, and very competitive cost. This is possible thanks to the patented technology, based on the phenomenon of laser diffraction, algorithms, neural networks and a big amount of data, rapidly analyzed in the cloud.

The main application areas include veterinary medicine, medicine,
food production and processing, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries.


Identification results as early as 9 to 16 hours from the time of the culture start.


Identifies bacteria species with up to +98% accuracy.


The microbial culture uses standard growth media only.


Allows to identify any bacteria species, whose diffraction patterns are in the massive database.


One Petri dish for whole microbiological test run by non professional staff.